An internship can be nerve wrecking because it’s a new experience where you are trying to learn and at the same time; leave a good impression. This entire experience is about learning, taking notes, asking questions when needed, because you are the one trying to learn and not only grow in the industry and in your field but as a person.

  • Research: Go to the agency’s website and research what they do, who they are and some of their work; so whenever you go to the interview, you are well prepared and conscious of what you want to do. review their social presence and know who is who in their Company.
  • Be presentable: Go to that interview with an outfit that is going to leave a good impression and represents you.
  • Be punctual: It is one of the most important things in the industry, someone who is not punctual to an interview means that they are not going to turn in their work on time and that is never a good thing.
  • Be positive: Always go to that interview with a positive attitude, knowing that you are prepared and ready to learn. Be open minded, learning is easy if you have the right attitude.

If you do get the internship… CONGRATS!!

  • Show Interest: Show them that you are interested and take every opportunity presented to learn and help. Be a go-getter!
  • Team Player: Work as a team always with a good attitude because that is the environment in which people want to be surrounded by.
  • Ask Questions: Always have a notepad or a laptop with you so you can takes notes and ask the person in charge. Remember to never think you know the answer, always ask the supervisor or manager.
  • Be Responsible: Being responsible is key; not only in your internship experience but for your future. There are always deadlines you have to meet and if you don’t meet them, sometimes there are no second chances. Turn all your work in on time, every time. If there is an opportunity for you to improve it, then do. You are as responsible as the other designers and strategists at the Agency.
  • Be Creative: Challenge yourself to explore and discover.
  • Stay Busy: There is usually no down time in this industry unless you are taking a break. While you are at your desk; work and stay focused. Diminish all distractions around you and dedicate yourself to the task you are assigned. If you are ‘waiting’ for a project; create another one meanwhile.
  • Add Value: Be a valuable person around your internship; stand out from the rest and show your managers the value you bring into the Agency, Studio, or Firm.

And last but not least .. have fun!

Blog Author
Vianney Cardenas
Community/Social Intern
Art Institute of San Diego, Ca.