Why Content Marketing is THE Most Important Element for Solopreneur Success

Let´s think for a moment you are at a party. A person you meet says, “I´m the best physical therapist in San Diego.” Will that entice you to seek a consultation?

Let´s suppose then, that after talking with the physical therapist for a while you ask her about a strange pain that´s been bothering you. She comes up with a surprisingly intelligent and thorough response. She is charming and knowledgeable. The way she talks gets your attention and keeps your interest.

That´s how you figure she knows her stuff. And that´s how you get motivated to actually make an appointment and spend money on a session.

Your success as a solopreneur depends on your ability to market yourself. Not as “the one, the only, the best,” but as someone who knows their stuff. Someone you can trust.

However, if you just rely on networking to grow your presence -the kind of networking where you dress nicely and talk to people, you´ll be very limited in your scope.

Today, the way to showcase knowledge or talent is through content.

Content is the key to:

  • Build authority
  • Gain Credibility
  • Grow Visibility

So, what kind of content should you use? Should you create a webinar series? A video of yourself working? A blog? And would you share your content though Facebook, twitter, your website, LinkedIn, or any other channels?

In a nutshell, the answer depends on:

  • Your product, service, industry or field
  • Your target client
  • Your social, personal and business goals
  • Your production capabilities

Ways to showcase your content include:

  • Websites
  • Video and Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Blogs, Print Articles, Press Releases
  • Social Posts
  • Reels
  • Commercials
  • Live streams

Best Practices of Content Marketing for Solopreneurs

Create High-Quality Content. Your audience is selective. Every waking hour, there is a piece of content fighting for their eyes, ears, and mind. The reader does not have time to decipher poorly written musings -no matter how heartfelt, or patience for labyrinthic, old fashioned, unresponsive websites. Only the most relevant, original and well-crafted content has any chance of grabbing their attention and moving them to ACT.

Let Go. Have you tried using Canvas? How did that go? Ever spent hours trying to edit a video with an app? Not everyone finds those tools as “easy to use” as they are supposed to be. After hours of toiling around, the results can be disappointing.  Creating high-quality content is a time-consuming, specialized endeavor. Which leads us to the next point.

Rely on the Pros. If you ever left your social media in the hands of a teenager (well, that niece of mine a computer whizz! Except she had to leave for camp…), or had your website done by the guy who parks your car at the club, you know what we mean. You didn´t save any money. You had to rebuild the website. The quality of the social postings was inconsistent at best -poor or embarrassing at worst. The way content is done can make all the difference between it getting lost in cyberspace or helping grow your brand.

Some of the features of great content for marketing include:

  • A modern look and feel
  • It´s crafted with the target audience in mind
  • Optimized for SEO (makes it easier to be found online)
  • It is consistent with the brand
  • Motivates social sharing

Yeah, there´s a trick to it.

Choose your Tribe. The authentic solopreneur usually enjoys having a hand in all aspects of the business, even if they realize they cannot do it all. That´s the reason an ordinary content studio may not make you happy. At rockpaperbrands, we live for solopreneurs. Our goal is to capture the unique qualities that make YOU who you are. To let your voice shine through every piece. If you wish to contribute,  great! Or you may decide to leave it all to us. At any rate, the content will have the authentic feel the audience seeks.

Keep at It. The way to grow your influence through content is by providing value. And this is not achieved through a one-time hit. You should be providing fresh, relevant content on a consistent basis. Even if you decide to post a video just once a month, keep to the schedule. That´s more important than posting three videos on one day, and then going for months without posting updates. 

Sell, Without Selling. The principles of marketing today dictate sharing: Sharing knowledge, inspiration, an aesthetic, ideas. It is about giving, giving, giving… and then, asking for something in return. It requires craft. And if done wrong, it translates into a whole lot of wasted effort. It is about selling -without looking “salesy.” As we said,  not as simple as it seems.  But that´s why we´re here to help.

rockpaperbrands, creating epic content for entrepreneurs and their brands to build authority, gain credibility and grow visibility.